I practice my passion for interior design and decoration by typically undertaking fullhome renovations. Beginning with a detailed meeting and interview with clients, thefirst step is to develop a concept for the space whose main purpose is to give clients afeel of how the space will look and feel. I then move onto sketching floorplans andelevations of the space, including location of cabinets, mirrors, tiles, showers, mixersand everything else. Then the finishes are selected, consulting with clients to ensure thedesign is evolving into what they needed and wanted. Finally, all selections andconstruction drawings are documented for tendering. The best part? The reveal, wheremy clients see that their beautiful dream has become reality and do you know what -It's so much better than they imagined and that's the best reward of all. First Life Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) Post Grad Accounting (CPA) 19 years in Industry at CFO, Finance Director, Finance Manager level Second Life Director of Residential Building BusinessCert IV Interior Design 8 years Sense of Style Interiors business12 projects completed thus far Currently located in Hawthorn East Studio Our enemies are the commonplace, safe and dull whilstour CHAMPIONS are architectural details that bring ahome to life, stimulating and decorating our homes into wondrous spaces that embrace us and those we love. ESP_Yelda-166_LR2 2