Shining the light on our ANZACS

Sunday, I pick mum up, do some jobs, a spot of shopping, coffee and maybe visit the local nursery. It’s a beautiful day; mum and I simply enjoy the sunshine, our chats with our local nursery staff – so knowledgeable!Besides, who can resist the sights, the magnificent colour and aromas that fill the air…we just love to smell the roses – literally! We’re off to the supermarket; the sound of bagpipes catches my attention, as I look around I see a band of pipers marching along the street, my dear mum loves the Edinburgh Tattoo, anything bright and regal, our British heritage! I ask my mum if she would like to go and see what this was all about; perhaps listen for a little while? Bless her she asked “Do you have time?  “I would love too” To our surprise, this was a pre ANZAC Day March and Service. It was a relatively small gathering, however, there I stood listening, observing, thinking about those service men and women who had lost their lives, fought for us, fought for their country, so we can have the lives we have today. As we all stand, the sun is shining; there are young children; guides, scouts, brownies, cadets and the local community.We are only present because of the bravery and sacrifices these selfless men and women. We gather to give thanks, show our appreciation and respect. Amongst us stood many service men and women  - some with lost limbs, some so frail they were unable to walk and then there were those who couldn’t attend as they had lost there lives. They have all fought and/ or given their lives in war to create peace and harmony - freedom so we could have the lives we have today.Mum was feeling emotional, “ it’s sad.”I felt proud, so very, very proud; our children are still being told of the sacrifices these men and women had made for us all, thank you.For those who fought so hard to give us, our country, the freedom we have today. The enormity of lives lost, sacrifices made, sense of honour and duty, will never be forgotten.I have had many incredible days in my life, however, Sunday 14thApril 2019 will always be special,because I truly acknowledge the sun shines bright,flowers fill the air with such beautiful aromas and life as we know it is because of the past and present servicemen and servicewomen.So thank you, we honour you, and the incredible sacrifices you made…

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