Consider these tips before you renovate or build

We frequently have clients in our showroom saying “if only we knew beforehand”. Let us guide you through the process of lighting your renovation/build. Having your ideas in place will be beneficial to the overall finished product.
What is the lighting allowance supplied by builder?
What does this include, and can you get samples or specifications of the product, to ensure the quality and performance?
Do you have your own budget for lighting?
Try to be realistic. Consider the quality you require. Do you want cheap, average, or high end product which will last, have great CRI and high lumen output?
Have you considered dress pendant lighting and the location?
Stairwell, void or dining room, are your ceilings high enough to accommodate a pendant light?
Do you really need pendants over the kitchen bench?
Several alternatives to pendent lights are available and will give a great result. Consider the length and depth of your island/bench; take into account your ceiling height. Visually, the use of pendants in your meals/dining area and above your island/bench, may look cluttered, whereas using one stand out pendant could be far more appealing.
What is the “feel” of the home you want to create, such as warm and comfortable, or a sharp, clean minimalist feel?
Lighting is so important in creating the feel for your home. We can achieve this by accentuating indirect and directional lighting options and then using localised lighting to create an effect.
There are different options for down lights. It is important to consider these options:
  • colour
  • size
  • lens options
  • beam angles
  • lumen output
  • wattage and cri
  • quality specifically
  • suitability for your home?
Have you considered the actual placement of your lighting?
Down lights, pendants and wall lights?Is the use of wall lights in certain areas worth considering, as an alternative to pendant lighting in a stair void, bedroom, living or entry?
Have you considered the placement of switches and switching options you require? How many circuits for each room?
Controlling the lighting by not having everything come on together. Having a switch as you walk in to a room and then being able to turn off the light without having to get out of bed
Please consider these points:
  • Would you like reading lights in the bedroom/s?
  • Would you like dimmers?
  • Would you like a ceiling sweep or exhaust fans?
What type of exterior lighting will you want?
  • decorative
  • functional
  • security
  • garden
  • or landscape lighting
If you are using a professional landscaper it will be worth consulting them with regard to the exterior lighting requirements eg. laying cable under paths, driveways and any other structures is so much easier than waiting until completion. When you use lights in the garden to highlight special trees/features, you will find that the impact on your home is really quite dramatic.
We hope these tips have been helpful, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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