Hi Jill, Firstly, I would like to thank so much for your assistance with the lighting plan for our new home. It made both of us feel quite excited about the project again as it had been dragging on for so long. It injected a new lease of life into it. Loved all of your suggestions and advice and came out with something totally different than what we planned but thrilled with the concepts and potential the new lighting would add to our new home. Marilyn & Robert
One of the better things that happened to us when we were building our new home, was finding Jillian Pool of Creative Lighting in Eltham. The architect did a great job of our plans which we took to Jill and spent a considerable period of time with her discussing all aspects of the electrical work - not just the lighting, but placement of power points, switches, fans, provision for outdoor power and lighting with a view to security, etc, etc. This included automatic light sensing (pantry, walk-through areas) and a myriad of things that we didn't even know we had to consider. Our builder (who in this instance will remain nameless) scoffed at the incredibly detailed electrical plan provided by Jill, stating that all we needed was lights in a straight line and all would be good. Are we glad we insisted on them sticking to the plan! For instance, kitchens are always a bit of a bugbear, given that the worst thing to happen in having to work in your own shadow. The solutions and plan provided by Jill are the envy of our friends! We are tickled pink we found Jill and Creative Lighting!
Colleen Woolley OAM JP, Diamond Creek
Thank-you Jill for all your wonderful advice and expertise, you have made our home come alive with your lighting solutions. We just love our new home, but what you have created with the lighting effects; both internally and externally is truly beautiful. Love, love, love your work. Thanks again for all your creative design work.
David and Mary, Brighton
Sincere thanks for your fabulous advice and high level of service / care factor in terms of achieving all our lighting changes at home this year. It's been great to work with you again and feel so confident that we are getting great lighting solutions.
Julie and Gray, Heathmont